Indian Trail Athletics Mission Statement

Our middle school attempts to accommodate the large number of students who wish to participate in athletic competitions against other schools. Sports, which can handle a large number of students, such as cross-country, wrestling, and track, are operated on a no-cut, no tryout basis so that all who wish to join may participate.

Since only a limited number of students can participate in certain sports such as boys' basketball (5), girls' basketball (5), volleyball (6), or soccer (11) at one time, a limited number of players are selected for these teams, through a try-out process.

To help accommodate more students, a seventh-grade team and an eighth-grade team are offered for boys' basketball, girls' basketball, and volleyball.

Our middle school offers a variety, of interscholastic sports throughout the school year for students in seventh and eighth grade.

In order to participate in interscholastic athletics, students must maintain academic eligibility as outlined in Section Four of this handbook. This requirement is maintained so that parents and teachers are assured that involvement in interscholastic athletics will not interfere with our students' academic performance which, as noted earlier, is the primary purpose of their schooling.

Students may participate in one interscholastic sport during each season.

To ensure safety, students must have a completed, current/valid physical on file in the school office, and complete the online concussion form before participating in an open gym, try-out, practice, or game for any interscholastic sports team at our middle school. Physicals expire 395 days after the date on that physical. No exceptions!

Due to the continued shortage of charter drivers, transportation to/from MS athletic meets will NOT be available for the 23-24 school year.  It is the District's intention to closely monitor this situation, and make necessary changes when applicable. Thank you for your patience and understanding.

Students must be picked up from practices and games at the designated end time. Continued delays may result in warnings, limited participation in practices/contests, or in serious cases, removal from the team.

For more information please contact Ms. Amy Bishop our building Athletic Coordinator