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Staff Name Position Phone Extension
John Evans Principal x4038
Jennifer Archer Assistant Principal x4034
Mason Luebbing Assistant Principal x4024
Megan Kobliska Dean of Students x7676
Laura Burns Secretary to the  Principal x3482
Sylvia Orizaba Secretary to the Assistant Principals x9928
Julie Steben Main Office Clerk x8958
Diana Luciano Building Nurse x5040
Agatha Valenti-Ferris Library & Information Specialist x3458
Amy Wheaton Media Clerk x3493
6th Grade
Joy Seput Social Studies, Science x3430
Angie Mansfield Science x3589
Angie Lenahan Math x3494
Tiffany Rose Langage Arts x3448
Jennifer Prokop Language Arts, Honors Language Arts x3444
Shirley Czyzewski Science x3428
Jeremy Noncz Math, Honors Math x4992
Chris Harris Social Studies x8934
7th Grade
Jennifer Bohlander Language Arts x3452
Amy Fritz Math, Honors Math x3453
Angie Mansfield Science x3589
Jeremy Noncz Math x4992
Christy Diamond Social Studies, Language Arts x3495
Chris Harris Social Studies x8934
Angie Lenahan Science x3494
Peter Sartori Honors Language Arts  x3415
Amanda Casagrande Math x3501
Kristen Boyd Science  x3474
Eric Boe Science  x3432
Melissa Aubuchon Social Studies  x3442
8th Grade
Amanda Casagrande Math x3501
Peter Sartori Language Arts x3415
Melissa Aubuchon Social Studies x3442
Eric Boe Science x3432
Tom Hall Math, Algebra I, Algebra I Honors x3465
Kristen Boyd Science x3474
Lisa Boe Language Arts, Honors Language Arts x3440
Amy Bishop Social Studies / ATHLETIC DIRECTOR x3449
Physical Education & Encore
Jeff Wilkie Physical Education / Health x8255
Lori Bakhaus Physical Education / Health x3416
Jamie Hankus Physical Education / Health x3438
Emily Garza Physical Education / Health x9201
Pam Dujlovich Art x3411
Marie Benjamin Family and Comsumer Sciences x8482
JJ Fleming Band / Choir x4929
Beau Wright S.T.E.A.M. x3435
Jeremy Noncz Public Speaking x4992
Marianne Martinez Spanish/Intro to Spanish x3489
Jennifer Bohlander Communications x3452
Tiffany Rose Leadership and Service x3448
Support Services
Hollie Benke Speech and Language Pathologist x6704
Cyndi Stacy Hearing Itinerant x6082
Leticia Rojas Occupational Therapist x3160
Janie Bonasera Reading Specialist x3492
Amy Cox Reading Specialist x6443
Zack Trapp Reading Interventiionist x9761
Angela Reese Math Interventionist x7403
Gino Barrto ESL/TPI/ELL Services x9263
Maria DiGrazia ESL/TPI/ELL Services x8815
Sidney Marchio Social Worker x9605
Jessica Demma Social Worker x8671
Meaghan Hejna Psychologist x6822
Special Education
Alexa Mahoney 8th Sci, 8th SS, 7th Math, 8th Tutorial/ELA Lab x3617
Sara Kopecky 6th ELA, 7th ELA, 7th SS x3463
Stacey Schmidt 6th Math, 6th ELA, 6th Tutorial x3479
Marjorie Lorenz 6th SS, 6th Sci, 7th Mth x3419
Samantha Piasecki 6-8th Language Live, 7th LA, 7th SS, 7th, Sci, Tutorial/ELA Lab x3501
Michelle Paczynski 8th Math, Tutorial/Math Lab x3451
Alissa Hartford 6th Math, 6th Sci, 7th Math  x3537
Katie Wade 8th ELA, Tutorial/ELA Lab x4464
James Smith 7th SS, 7th Sci x8274
  SE Paraprofessional x
Lisa Clanton SE Paraprofessional x3468
Pamela Reardon SE Paraprofessional x9428
Jim Hopkins SE Paraprofessional x3429
Ann Marie Grizzle SE Paraprofessional x7347
Donna Martin SE Paraprofessional x3523
Janet Polanski SE Paraprofessional x36527
Monica Verdin SE Paraprofessional x8566
Paula Kenny Paraprofessional assigned to ASDA x7060


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