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Policy for Attending Sporting Events

​Our fall sports seasons are set to start.  Earlier this week, we shared with our students the "Season Pass" Student Guidelines for Attending Sporting Events.  Any students wishing to stay for any home games must have a Sports Season Guideline form signed and turned into the office, wherein they will receive a Season Pass sticker on the back of their ID. This guideline form states the expectations of behavior, sportsmanship, and the time they need to be picked up. These forms are available in the main office, or by CLICKING HERE.  Here are a few important things to highlight from our guidelines:

  • Events start at 4:00 pm – students ​staying for games are expected to immediately report to room 6 for supervision escorted to the gym prior to the game starting.  

  • Students are NOT to leave the building, walk to Starbucks/Nabby's/etc, and come back.  Any student doing so will be asked to call home and be picked up.  If a student leaves, they must return with a parent or guardian. 

  • Current school ID​ with Season Pass sticker must be shown upon entering the gym.​

  • All students must sit in the designated Student Section unless with parent.

  • ​Students are expected to cheer on their team by staying in the bleachers, staying off of their phones, and displaying good sportsmanship.  

  • ​If a student is serving a​n after school​ detention, they will not be allowed to attend an after-school event​ that day.  ​

  • Excessive tardiness either in morning or during school day means no admittance to game.

  • ​​If behaviors do not meet expectations, students will be asked to leave the building.

  • Rides need to be waiting 15 minutes prior to end of game – 5:45 pm at the latest.  If there is consistency in your ride arriving late​, we will ​ask you to ​refrain from attending after school activities. 

​We want all Indian Trail students to have a positive and well-rounded experience, however we need to call upon our students and you the parents to live by the Wildcat Way, and be Respectful, Responsible, and Accountable to ensure all events are positive experiences for everyone. 

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