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Student ID -Safety Initiative

In cooperation with the district safety committee, starting next week (Monday, October 24th), all Plainfield 202 staff and students will be required to wear their student ID.  Indian Trail students were told today to locate their student ID they received earlier this year. 7th and 8th graders received an Indian Trail lanyard at some point in the last two years, and 6th graders will receive one later this week.  As for plastic badge holders and replacement lanyards, we will offer those later this week as well.  Again, this is for the safety of all Indian Trail students and staff.  We will offer free replacements of items until Thanksgiving, after that, students will be charged.  ID’s will be required to enter all sporting and social events. 

What do I do if I need a replacement ID?: Fill out this GOOGLE FORM, and the media center will make you a new one. Cat’s Crew will deliver it to you during study hall the next day.

I can’t find my Indian Trail lanyard/plastic ID holder from last year: Every student will receive a new plastic ID holder.  You do not need to use your Indian Trail lanyard. ANY lanyard will do.  If you cannot find your lanyard or any lanyard, we will offer replacement ones in the main office. Stop by and see Mrs. Steben.

What happens if I forget my ID?: We strongly encourage students to take their ID off and keep it in the locker at the end of the day. If you forget it, your teachers will remind you to bring it to school the following day.  

What if I lose my ID/lanyard after Thanksgiving?: We understand that this is a new expectation, so we are giving our students a few weeks to adjust.  After Thanksgiving, if you need to replace anything, you will be charged as follows:

Replacement ID: $2.00

Replacement lanyard: $2.00

Replacement badge holder: $1.00

Students will be able to pay either cash or charge it to their student fee account. 

Thank you for your understanding, and if you have any questions, please feel free to contact the Indian Trail Main Office.

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