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Big Cats Corps - Parent Volunteer Program

Indian Trail is happy to introduce our "Big Cats Corps". This is an exciting opportunity for our Indian Trail families who have wanted to have more of a role in their student's middle school experience.  Please read below, for more information and instructions: 

What is it: An opportunity for parents to volunteer at Indian Trail.

Who can participate: Any guardian or emergency contact listed in our database system of our Indian Trail students.

The goal: to provide positive adult role models for our Indian Trail students, demonstrating by their presence and participation that education is important.

Added safety and security:  The Big Cat Corps. allows to have extra sets of eyes and ears to enhance school security and reduce behavior incidents and bullying.

What would you be doing: This depends on the time of day you sign up. You could be greeting students in the morning, walking the halls during passing periods, hanging out in the cafeteria, possibly helping in a classroom.  Most importantly, you will be helping to put smiles on the faces of our students.

What you will NOT be doing: Handling student discipline, grading student work, serving food, running copies.

Timeframe: Volunteers are welcome to sign up for whatever time slots they would like, but we do ask that you stay for the full hour block of time.  

I'M INTERESTED WHAT DO I DO NEXT?? CLICK HERE to fill out the Google Form with your information and availability, and someone will contact you to confirm your date and time.

Again, your student’s safety and well-being are always our primary concern. We appreciate your support in implementing these changes, and if you have any questions, feel free to contact the Indian Trail Main Office. 


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