Announcement Details

8th Grade Events

With second semester upon us, we wanted to inform you of important upcoming 8th grade events that will help their transition into high school.  This is a general list and description, more details to follow in future communications. Please note, dates are subject to change.  We will keep students notified: 

January 11th - Department Chairs from both East and Central are coming to explain course recommendations, elective options, and the various clubs and sports students can participate in. 

January 16th - Both high schools will be hosting their Exploration Nights. That night, each Indian Trail student will receive a folder with much more detailed information about their school's opportunities, along with a course selection sheet with their core class recommendations.  They will also be able to meet club sponsors, guidance counselors, coaches, and teachers.

January 23rd - Guidance counselors from Plainfield Central will be on hand for students to select their electives. 

January 30th - Guidance counselors from Plainfield East will be on hand for students to select their electives. 

February 12th - Gown fitting during lunches 

April 17th - 8th grade students will visit their respective high schools for Step Up Day. 

April 18th - Students will receive their promotion gowns along with additional information about the 8th grade end of the year activities and behavior expectations.  Please note: any 8th grade student with outstanding school fees will need to be paid in full before receiving their promotion gown.  

May 1st and 2nd - Promotion Speech Auditions 

May 3rd - 8th grade lock-in

May 22nd - Great America Field Trip

May 23rd - Promotion Ceremony