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5 Essentials Survey WE NEED YOUR HELP!!!


Each year, District 202 teachers, students and parents are encouraged to take the “Illinois 5Essentials Survey”.  The 5 Essentials lets teachers, students, and parents help improve their schools by identifying strengths and weaknesses in their school’s climate and learning conditions. The results from the Parents 5Essentials can only be viewed if 20% of our Indian Trail parent population takes the survey, so again…. WE NEED YOUR HELP! WE VALUE YOUR INPUT!!

When you have a few minutes, PLEASE click this link: 5Essentials Parent Link. Or go to the Indian Trail webpage, and follow the link in the announcements.  

Enter your email address, the county (Will), and the name of the school (Indian Trail). Please make sure you select Indian Trail Middle School in Plainfield, as there are five buildings with that name in the state.  As a reminder, ALL responses will be completely confidential.

Our Indian Trail Students will be taking the survey in the days proceeding/after our Thanksgiving break, as their feedback is equally as important.  There will be survey stations set up at Parent/Teacher Conferences as well, if you would prefer to take it then. Thank you in advance, for your time and feedback, and if you have any questions, please contact the Indian Trail Main Office.